Luggage transfer in Sardinia

Are you looking for a do-it-yourself bike holiday in Sardinia but you don’t want to carry your luggage with you?

It’s really simple!!  You walk or cycle in the beautiful Sardinia west coast, in the famous Costa Smeralda or the mountainous east coast and we’ll deliver your luggage between your accommodations – both cheaply and efficiently!

Dolcevita Bike Rentals offers the luggage shipping from an hotel to the next one! Dolcevita Bike Tours provide a luggage transfer service for cyclists and walkers in Sardinia.

Our company offers a competitive, reliable and user friendly luggage transport service for those looking to lighten the load whilst discovering Sardinia. We provide services for cycling and hiking tours from 2001. Dolcevita Bike Tours moves more than 1000 pieces of luggage every year all around Sardinia. We provide point to point baggage transfers for walkers and cyclists alike and are confident that we cannot be beaten for price, reliabiltity and customer service. The service operates from April 1 through to October 31 (email for possibilities outside these dates).

At the end of the page we suggest some itineraries, in different areas of Sardinia, perfect to discover the most suggestive and less touristy areas of Sardinia, perfect for active tourism.

How to manage a luggage transfer

Travel light: Dolcevita Bike Tours transports your luggage from your accommodation to another in an economical and professional way

Your data

    Info we need

    Tell us your day-by-day itinerary

    Tell us the hotels or the properties where you want us to pick up/drop off your luggage. Properties must be manned.

    The cost of the service is based on the number of luggage pieces and distance, so we need to know the exact number of bags to be moved.

    A minimum of three luggage transfers are required!

    Get your hotel

    Suggested itineraries with relative costs

    North West Sardinia – Bike Tour

    • Itinerary: 3 baggage transport, about 50 Km each

    • 2 bags per person

    • 2 people

    • € 10: cost to transport to baggage (minimum 4 bags)

    A Mine of Memories – Bike Tour

    • Itinerary: 6 baggage transport, about 50 Km each

    • 2 bags per person

    • 2 people

    • € 14: cost per bag for transfer

    North Sardinia Ride – Bike Tour

    • Itinerary: 4 luggage transport, about 50 Km each

    • 2 bags per person

    • 2 people

    • € 19: cost per bag for transfer

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